Taking an audiobook with you on your smartphone while traveling solo in a vehicle or for listening on your PC while on work breaks, can help with spicing up your day while keeping you sane.

You could even listen to an audiobook and leave your hands & eyes free while you’re working out or performing other routine chores around the house.

Luckily, listening to your favorite audiobooks doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. In fact; you can expect to find many free audiobooks providers on the internet.

Are you looking to sample some interesting audiobooks for the first time, or interested in adding to your collection of audiobooks?

We’ve identified 10 legal websites where you can get free audio books online with minimal effort.

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Best Places to Get Free Audiobooks Online (2020)

1. LibriVox

Perhaps you would like to join millions of other book lovers on LibriVox; a great place where you can have free audiobooks online read aloud to you by volunteers from across the world. There’s also a LibriVox mobile app that smartphone users can install.

You can go ahead and check out the LibriVox website if you wish to benefit from unlimited access to over 24,000 audiobooks all at zero cost. Some popular titles you can expect to find here include War & Peace, Leaves of Grass, Anne of Green Gables, and more.

2. Lit2Go

The Lit2Go platform can best be described as an online collection of poems & stories that is quite easy-to-use. This is where you get to discover tons of free audio books online in universal mp3 formats. You can expect to see citations, abstracts, word count, and playing time for each audiobook file featured here.

This impressive online service also offers up various short stories, poems, and exciting plays with each one adapted for private and educational purposes.

3. Loyal Books

The Loyal Books domain is where you can go to get all your preferred genre of audio books online free of charge. You can expect to find the best copies of online audiobooks to stream and download for use on your Android or iOS devices.

Some of the most popular audio book options available on the Loyal Books platform include Paradise Lost by John Milton, The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Author Conan Doyle, and a host of other engaging titles.

4. Mind Webs

The MinD Webs project was created to provide book lovers with the ideal environment for steaming free audio books online. You can expect to discover and stream from over 150 audiobook stories on MinD Webs.

Go ahead and visit Mind Webs right now to expand your reading options by accessing a vast collection of the latest audiobook releases & bestsellers directly from your mobile device or PC.

5. Open Culture

So you’re looking to stream and download free audio books online?! Then you can choose from the vast, engaging, and free audiobook copies available on Open Culture’s scholarly database.

You can expect to find all kinds of interesting and highly interactive reads from religious books to popular fiction and historical publications right here. The Open Culture online portal is home to more than 1,000 free audiobooks that have been neatly categorized for quick access and navigation.

6. OverDrive

Let’s now introduce you to OverDrive; yet another great place to go if you’re looking to stream free audio books online. This brilliant service already serves as a digital distribution platform for various schools, libraries, and retailers around the world.

You can expect to find over two million audiobooks and video files here in various universal formats. There are also unbiased customer ratings and useful product reviews available for popular eBook titles.

7. Scribl

This is Scribl; an awesome one-stop destination for all the best free audio books online. Millions of writers around the world are already using this brilliant platform to publish free editions of their work so they can get feedback and reactions from their fans.

You can expect to find all the latest audiobook releases on the Scribl platform with the writers themselves doing the voice narrations. The virtual environment here is very conducive for reading anywhere.

8. Project Gutenberg

You get to keep reading tons of free audio books online at the Project Gutenberg website. It’s also quite easy to surf the entire Project Gutenberg web portal with your favorite browser.

There are more than 33,000 free audio books mp3 online on the Project Gutenberg platform and you can browse through every category once you log in. Moreover, each audiobook you’ll find here is narrated by humans.

9. Spotify

Are you a book lover? You too can listen to tons of free audio books online on Spotify. That’s right, apart from being a digital music provider, the Spotify service can also offer up access to millions of audiobooks free of charge.

Moreover, the audiobooks collection on Spotify is constantly updated so there’s always something fresh for you to listen to here. If you wish to get rid of the sponsored ads on the free service, you could always upgrade to the Premium Spotify version.

10. StoryNory

This final entry on our list of top providers of free audiobooks online is a fantastic resource for kids. StoryNory is a brilliant website that features popular fairytales, songs, myths, and poems in free audiobook versions.

And even though the StoryNory content is exclusively for toddlers, anyone can listen to popular stories like Aesop's fables, Brothers Grimm, and many others whenever they feel like it. 

The Round-Up

That’s it for our latest discussion about where to get top free audiobooks online.

You may now proceed to explore all your options.